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Gideon Joubert Sr. moved to a house in Lady Grey and gave his farms to his sons.


Martiens Joubert was the youngest brother.† After receiving the family farm Ossa from his father, he farmed for a while.† Being a man of great ambition, he always did everything "BIG".† He thought a cheese factory on the farm would work well so he built the cheese factory and purchased many milk cows. He convinced his brothers and they also purchased many milk cows.†


All went well and they started to produce cheese.† The production of cheese leaves a nutritional sub-product called whey and being a man with great ideas, Martiens realised that pigs could be raised and fed on the whey.† Once again he influenced his brothers and together they purchased many pigs and started Pig farming on a great scale.†


Very soon they realised that the local market was too small for the great quantity of cheese they were producing and Martiens sent his oldest brother Chris to the Cape to do some marketing and find a new distribution area.


Soon there were too many pigs for the local market so he sent another brother to Ugie to market and sell the pigs.†


There was no market for the cheese.† There was no market for the pigs.† The 1930 recession turned into The Great Depression of 1933 and the Joubert brothers could not keep everything running.† Everything started to fall flat and a once wealthy family lost it all.


Most members of the family went to Johannesburg to work on the mines.


According to a member of the Joubert family Martiens was a "loskop".† Was he really a "loskop" or was he way ahead of his time?† Perhaps he was just a bit too ambitious and perhaps it could have worked if he did not implement on such a great scale.† It might have even worked if there was no recession and depression.† Who knows?


As devastating as this was to the brothers and their families, it must have been much worse for Martiens.† This spirited young man must have been a broken man for the rest of his life.† It is said that Martiens was a poor man for the rest of his life. (Mr. PRB van Zyl)




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500 lb Cheese

Jack Potgieter &

Johannes Joubert

Tank and equipment used

by the Joubert Brothers

†for making cheese

Cheese on the shelves aging

to reach itís full flavour

Pigs fed and raised on the

whey, a nutritional

by-product of the cheese

The Cheese Factory and Pig Farming of the Joubertís of Joubertís Pass

H le Roux Retief was a teacher and† later headmaster at the school in Lady Grey. He was a

keen photographer.