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Lady Grey



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On average Lady Grey (village) gets snow about four times per year, usually between June and August. The surrounding mountains get more snow.


The village takes on a whole new character when it turns into a Winter Wonderland of snow.   The atmosphere becomes loaded with magic and people act strange.




A Winter Wonderland of Snow”




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The Magic of Lady Grey covered in a blanket of snow with the DR Church as a focal point.

Lady Grey

A leafless tree takes on spectacular beauty when it is covered in snow in Lady Grey.Magic, magic and more magic.  A view from the top of Jouberts Pass looking out over Helvellyn and other farms on the other side of the mountain.  This photo was taken during late afternoon, a day after heavy snowfall in Lady Grey. For warm and friendly hospitality, stay over at the Mountain View Country Inn when you visit Lady Grey.  A snowman built by the staff of the Mountain View Country Inn of Lady Grey.High up in the mountains of Lady Grey, on the way to Burnet farm, where few people are privilaged to go when the snow is so deep.Friendly staff of the Mountain View Country Inn in the back garden of the Hotel.  Fun in the snow in the Lady Grey Arts Academy garden. A Winter wonderland of snow.  This photo was taken in the soft light of sunset with the snow covered mountains of Helvellyn, Unity and other farms on the other side of Jouberts Pass.  Jouberts Pass starts at the backdoor of Lady Grey.

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