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We are very happy and excited about our colony of Bald Ibis that moved into our area. The Bald Ibis was recorded in Umtata about a century ago and then disappeared from the Eastern Cape and was placed on the danger list but now with a total population of 5000 + nationally are out of danger (RDB).


Seven birds were first spotted in December 2006 and we now in August 3, 2009 have counted 20 at their roost. All the birds we observe here are adult birds and we are really hoping that they would breed here. The adult birds are dark glossy green with conspicuous bright red naked domed crown and rest of the head and upper neck whitish beige, legs and feet dull red. The Immature are feathered grayish on head and neck with red on forecrown only and no coppery wingpatch.


The Birds are gregarious in flocks up to 100 birds on high grassveld and feed on insects, worms, frogs, small mammals and birds. They like heavily grazed pastures and veld after a burn.


The breeding season is from July to October with the nest a platform of sticks on a cliff ledge or in a pothole on mountainside. Incubation 27-31 days by both sexes and nestling 40-45 days, fed by both parents and still dependent on parents for about 2 months after leaving the nest.


For local birding information Mr. Des Schroeder could be contacted at 084-9411100.


Kate Henderson (Project Officer, Southern Bald Ibis Project) of BirdLife South Africa would appreciate the reporting of any sightings at 072-4474485 or


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Kalkoenibis  (Wilde Kalkoen)

By Henry Siebert

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